Generations Early Learning & Family Center


Seasonal Programs

Summer Program

Summer at Generations is different than the rest of the year. We focus on community based learning, with field trips, special projects and fundraisers. Our Pre-School classes take field trips as a whole, or in small groups, three or four days a week, to different parts of our Bellingham community. In the past, we have visited the Bellingham Food Bank, Fire Stations, movie theaters, parks, Whatcom Falls fish hatchery, and local bakeries and grocery stores. Toddlers venture to nearby parks to explore different playgrounds and walks. While the other classrooms are empty, the Waddlers take advantage by experiencing different manipulatives and areas.

School Year

During the school year, each Generations classroom follows a structured and focused schedule. Toddlers use monthly themed curriculum. Pre-Schoolers use a variety of curriculums and individualize for each child. 

Pre-Schoolers are introduced to a variety of programs, including different languages and cultures, and hobbies like cooking and photography. Staff and parents have led clubs, programs, and activities based off of their passions and skills. Some include pasta making, language clubs, science clubs, gardening clubs, cooking lessons, and more. We are always open to new project and program ideas to enrich our program and children's Generations experience. 

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