Our Intergenerational Living & Learning Community

Our center provides intergenerational interaction between children and the residents of Mt. Baker Care Center and Summit Place Assisted Living. These interactions benefit our children by providing “grandparents” for daily contact and support, and by encouraging the child’s sense of self worth through this extended family concept. This intergenerational model also benefits the senior citizens in our community by giving them enhanced socialization, emotional support, and stimulated learning. Generations Early Learning & Family Center blends two types of institutional cultures to produce a marvelous result - a multigenerational living-learning environment.

The purpose of the Intergenerational program is to:

·      Provide an opportunity for interaction between children and residents
·      Provide a method for establishing long-term relationships between residents and children that are mutually beneficial
·      Provide an opportunity for children in a structured learning program to share their experiences with residents who enthusiastically support and praise the children
·      Provide a “grandparent” program that offers extended family and continuing relationships between residents and children

Children will be involved in the Intergenerational program in the following way:
·      Residents will be able to visit the childcare rooms and play yard to observe and interact with the children.
·      At no time will children be left alone with residents, Mt. Baker Care Center staff, or Summit Place Assisted Living staff. Our staff members will always supervise children.
·      Children will participate in planned activities with the residents outside of our center, within the Mt. Baker Care Center and Summit Place Assisted Living center, and with childcare staff.  This may include music and physical activities in common spaces, and books and learning activities in resident rooms. These activities will be in small or large groups of children and always with childcare staff.
·      Intergen activities are always a choice opportunity for residents and children. At no time will anyone be forced to participate.
·      Intergen activities may be cancelled due to contagions. If this happens, all families will be notified.